crack wifi password with aircrack-ng

crack wifi password:

Sniffer wifi packages with airport which is pre-installed on mac


Use commands as follows to scan wifi signals nearby:

airport -s


Use commands as follows to see network interface used on this computer:

About This Mac -> System Reports -> Network -> Wi-Fi 

or ifconfig to identify which interface is used by wireless connection.

“en0” is used on this computer

3. Begin to sniffer wifi signals nearby with command:

sudo airport en0 sniff 1

—> input user password

4. the package files with .cap as suffix will be put in /tmp folder. 

5. suppose the dict file is 1.txt and 1.cap is the sniffed wifi packages.

aircrack-ng -w 1.txt 1.cap 

aircrack-ng -w ~/wordlist.txt /tmp/airportSniffjAEK7V.cap

switch ‘-w’ is used to specific a password dict file.

will show “Index number of target network” number. 

and we should select the index number which has at least one hand shake packages. 

input the index number and push the Enter key. 

(note that, we should only select the index number which the handshake number is bigger than 1 or IVs number is bigger than 4)

wait for the result .

“KEY FOUND! []” will show you with the wifi password if it’s successful.